108" Electric Tab Tension Projector Screen

108" Electric Tab Tension Projector Screen

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BRATECK 108" Projector Screen Manual Self Locking, Matte Finish 16:9 aspect ratio


„* Suitable for home cinema/office/club/events/presentations
„* Self locking to provide various height settings
„* Screen thickness: 0.42mm +/- 0.03mm
„* Manual projection screen
„* High quality professional screen material (matte white)
„* Assembled ready to install
„* 180 degree viewing angle
„* Suitable for nearly all CRT, DLP, LCD, OHP and film projectors
„* Gain factor optimised for HDTV
„* Black edges/borders
„* 100% light impervious black backing material
„* Auto-level-lock system
„* Installation on wall or ceiling

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