All-in-One Integrated LCD Hybrid KVM Drawer

All-in-One Integrated LCD Hybrid KVM Drawer

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The All-in-One Integrated LCD KVM is the ultimate solution in computer
management. With a keyboard, touchpad, TFT LCD panel and a KVM switch
housed in an industry standard 19" 1RU height rack drawer, the integrated
LCD KVM can be cascaded with other Rextron KVM switches to provide greater
computer management. The Integrated KVM is ideal for applications where
space is a premium.

* port includes 8 x 1.8M 3-in-1 USB cable sets
„* 16 port includes 12 x 1.8M & 4 x 3M 3-in-1 USB cable sets
„* Cascade configuration expands system capability
„* Auto-scan automatically selects computers sequentially
„* Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse (Pro)
„* Assigns computers unique and meaningful names up to 14 characters
„* Identifies and selects computers by the names
„* Programmable scan filters unused computers
„* Stores system settings and name entries to non-volatile memory
* Password security locks computer from unauthorised access
„* Gain complete control with easy-to-use OSD interface
„* Hotkey functions allow easy computer access
„* Keyboard state automatically saved and restored when switching computers
„* Operating system independent and transparent to all applications
„* Plug n play system configuration
„* Keyboard and mouse can be hot plugged at any time
„* DDC2B compatible
„* Supports optional multimedia module for microphones and stereo speakers
„* Cascadable to 19" rack mountable PS/2 KVM switches
„* 1 Year Warranty

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