2M Male to Female Extension VGA Cable Lead-Monitor

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2 metre VGA Male-Female Monitor Extension Cable Stock standard for resolutions VGA-SVGA. This cable allows you to extend your PC’s monitor cable, ideal if you have a monitor with a short cable, or if you need to move your monitor further from your computer.

* 2M VGA Monitor Extension Cable
* Connectors: 15pin HD D-Sub (HD15) (female) to 15pin HD D-Sub (HD15) (male)
* A high quality cable for connecting a monitor
* Prevents interference and reduces noise
* The thick jacket helps to protect the cable against wear and tear.
* By using this cable a purer filtered signal path will be achieved.
* Cable strain relief to protect the cable
* Oxygen free pure copper conductors to increase signal quality across the length of the cable.
* Length: 2m

Package includes:
1 x 2 metre VGA M/F Monitor Extension Cable

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