PROMATE 3-In-1 USB Type-C OTG Card Reader

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PROMATE 3-in-1 USB Type-C OTG Card Reader for Smartphones, Tablets & Computers. SD & Micro-SD card slot. Colour Grey

• 3 in 1 Multi-function Card Reader: This card reader not only connects to your computer but also to any OTG enabled USB Type-C Smartphone/devices & Micro-USB SmartPhone or
• OTG Support: Read TF/SD cards directly on your USB Type-C and Micro-USB OTG supported devices
• Plug and Play: No drivers required. Just plug OTGLink-C into your OTG supported Android Smartphone and you are ready to go
• Reversible USB-C Connector: Never worry about which way to plug in again. USB-C is a new user-friendly reversible connector that allows you to connect your cable to your
device in any direction
• SuperSpeed USB 3.0: This hub transfers data over USB at incredible speeds, up to 5Gbps. That is fast enough to transfer a high-definition movie in seconds.
• USB-C Compatible: Designed to work with the latest generation of computers and smart devices that support USB Type-C port
Sleek & Slim Design: With its premium aluminium exterior and compact design, this OTG hub is the perfect partner for your new MacBook and other type-c supported devices

Package Include:
• 1x PROMATE 3-In-1 USB Type-C OTG Card Reader

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